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William Colwall

‘Lucky, this point in time and space / Is chosen as my working place…’
From the poem ‘A Summer's Night’ by WH Auden
Will is a painter who specialises in traditional landscapes. He has a great affinity with Worcestershire and the Malvern Hills in particular – a love dating back to his childhood days. The collection of his work presented here features works from his series ‘From the High Hills’ a series landscape depictions of the Malvern’s and their environs. 
These evocative landscapes capture the fleeting and changing light of the area and his compositions often depict elevated views of the vale below – an uplifting and breath-taking feature of life on the terraces of the hills. These images are perfect mementos for those who have visited and appreciated the marvellous views offered from the upland villages of the Malvern’s. 
Conversely, for those who have never visited the area, Will’s images display a poetic evocation of this often forgotten area of Britain and the rugged natural beauty it embodies. 

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