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Tristan Earl

Land of the long lone levels
That stretch to the distant sea,
Haunt of the blue-grey heron,
Desolate, windswept, free...
From the poem 'The Norfolk Salt Marshes' attributed to A. E. Pinnington
The works displayed are from a collection entitled 'Call of the Marshes' and are all inspired by the salt marshes surrounding the Old Coal House in the village of Thornham, Norfolk. 
In these images the artist emphasizes the quiet tranquility and stillness of the marshes and the paintings are suffused with an air of melancholy and nostalgia for a time long lost.

Tristan works traditionally, producing artworks that capture the sights of coastal Britain. Preferring to capture the solitude of 'places' rather than the hustle and bustle of more populate areas, Tristan creates images that are suffused with a reverence and affinity for the natural world.

All Work by Tristan Earl
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