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Perig LeFloch

‘Here, where the breath of the scented-gorse floats through the sun-stained air…’
From the poem ‘Breton Afternoon’ by Ernest Christopher Dowson
Perig produces landscapes of Brittany and in particular the small coastal towns making up much of the inhabited landmass. The artist’s current theme are landscape evocations of the small island of Bell-Ile-En-Mare.

Perig’s Bell-Ile paintings capture some of the many small villages on the island and successfully convey on canvas a sense of the serene tempered with ruggedness. The images evoke a sense of other worldliness; a bygone age of rural costal tranquillity, free from the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane.
Bell-Ile is the largest Breton island and lies off the coast of Brittany. 
These prints are perfect for a bedroom setting, where they offer a sense of a timeless calm and meditative tranquillity.

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