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Alpin Buchanan

Alpin produces and specialises in landscapes and crowdscapes that demonstrate a strong sense of colour, shape and design. The bold use of colour and shape employed in Alpin’s work exhibits a vibrancy and structure that has been likened to the works and composition of poster designers.

Alpin’s subject matter falls into two broad strands: colourful interpretations of cultivated landscapes, including parks and formalised landscaped setting and crowds, and gatherings of people at outdoor sports venues, fairs, music venues, etc. 
Apin’s style employs broad dabs of colour to produce an effect that is semi-abstracted in terms of detail. Taken collectively, the paintings display a sunny, vibrant and optimistic portrayal of their subject matter, with great emphasis placed on colour, shape and design rather than form and detail.

Five of the prints on display are taken from Alpin's series entitled 'Paths & Steps'.
As such, these painting are particularly suited to display in hallways and reception rooms, where they display a sunny optimism and joi-de-vivre.

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